ExternalCronJobs has been designed in a way that it can solve almost every problem which our competitors are facing. Here is the list of problems ExternalCronJobs solves for you.

IP Address Blocking

This is the biggest problem which is being faced by almost every service provider. As their number of hits increase service providers block their IP addresses and only solution is to change your cron job provider, which is a big headache and non-reliable thing.

ExternalCronJobs solves this problem as you can install it to your own server to handle your cron jobs, which means all cron jobs will go from your own server so you don’t need to worry about any hosting providers.

Data security

ExternalCronJob allows you to keep your database of cron jobs with you where you can use your own database and integrate it with your ExternalConJobs installation. This way all your cron jobs and all sensitive data keeps with you.


ExternalCronJobs provides out of the box product customisation, which is paid. This means you can make your ExternalCronJobs as per your requirements. It’s very easy job, get your ExternalCronJobs product setup, contact support team along with your requirements and get your things done.

We further provide Support and Upgrade plans, where you can buy a plan and contact our support team whenever you face any problem or if you want an upgraded version of ExternalCronJobs installed on your server.


ExternalCronJobs gives you much better UI/UX than any other competitors, where things are very easy to understand and everything is very clear. Features like predefined time schedules and custom date/time scheduler makes things very easy to understand. ExternalCronJobs has developed all features after understanding what problems are being faced in the real world.

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