ExternalCronJobs comes up with great flexibility to make your things easier. It comes up with awesome features like support of below awesome features

  • Predefined cron job schedules
  • Custom date/time selector
  • Support of timezones
  • Logs of your executions
  • Failure notifications
  • Success notifications
  • Support of Get/Post HTTP methods
  • Support of request body
  • Ability to set custom request headers
  • Easy access to access pages protected with basic auth.
  • Awesome and secure APIs support for any third-party application integration.

ExternalCronJobs comes with an awesome and very easy to understand UI. The dashboard looks pretty awesome where it reports you all failed cron jobs on the dashboard itself.

ExternalCronJobs comes up with Folders option which creates it very easy to manage your cron jobs in a well-managed way. You can create cron jobs of multiple projects at one place and put it in different folders.

ExternalCronJobs comes up with awesome API documentation which makes it very easy to understand all in/outs of APIs. Check this link: http://externalcronjobs.com/developers/api/1.0/

ExternalCronJobs comes up with well managed and detailed wiki section, where you can find information about all available features. Check this out:  http://wiki.externalcronjobs.com/

With the help of ExternalCronJobs, you can manage your cron jobs very well and forget about any chances of failures. We take care of all failures and retry every minute if anything goes wrong and report every failure through email with a detailed explanation of what went wrong so that you can debug it easily.

This software has been developed to take care of the following factors

  • Time saving
  • Better cron jobs handling
  • Easy understanding
  • Proper notifications if anything goes wrong.

Handling cron jobs is a very complex thing when handling multiple project and so many times it’s not easy to remember which cron job does what, however ExternalCronJobs makes it easy and provides you option to give description along with the cron job where you can give detailed explanation about what it does and it gives very useful graphical representation of time schedule of cron job and what is the status of past execution as well as previous execution time.

ExternalCronJobs team work very closely with their clients and understand their requirements to make things easier for them. Every suggestion you come up with is welcomed and being looked upon very closely.

We ❤️  our clients.